Thank you Ebere👋 #QPR

Goodbye Ebere Eze…

Written by Alex Bullamore

So the day QPR fans have been dreading has arrived, after seasons of beautiful skill and wizardry, Ebere Eze has moved on. Make no mistake I’m proud and extremely happy for him, he deserves it. He’s carried the team and had to go through a hell of a lot to get to where he is.

Over the next season fans of the Premier League will be constantly reminded by commentators and pundits of the journey Eze has been on. He’s not the first player to be told he’s not good enough or that he’s too lazy by academy coaches, and he won’t be the last. But he has proved so many people wrong and he deserves so much credit for that.

Not least the so called supporter that I used to sit in front of at QPR. I say so called because along with a few other people on his row he never really did much supporting. What he did do was moan and moan and moan. He demanded that instead of playing the attractive football that Eze was crucial to that we “LUMP IT UP THERE”. That particular catchphrase was repeatedly used throughout games, even ones in which we were playing well and winning. He would also comment on Eze’s lack of a real presence often moaning that he never heads the ball, or that he doesn’t tackle anyone.

After Eze had done something spectacular. Be it a double nutmeg or a perfectly weighted pass for someone to run on to, or a brilliant goal struck from outside the box, I would be tempted to turn around and see his reaction. Would he get any joy out of seeing that fantastic bit of football? Does he know what good football is? Does he not want to be happy? Why is he even watching QPR?

When I go to QPR, I’m there because I want our players to perform and entertain, I want to see Eze and Bright and Chair at their best. I want to see us win. I never got that feeling from the people behind me, it’s why I moved my seat. It was simply too depressing to hear abuse thrown at a once in a generation talent, that we have been privileged to watch.

I’m gonna say something that some fans will disagree with, it may be described as controversial but I think Eze is the best, most talented player I’ve ever seen at QPR. Yes I saw Taarabt, but Eze was different. Everything he did he made it look so simple. He glides past players, it’s one of the best sights in football, seeing him drop a shoulder to go past a player like he did away to Stoke. He has the tricks, just look him up on YouTube and enjoy his genius. He has the powerful shot, look at Luton at home and Sheffield United at home from last year. He has the finessed finishes, for this look no further than West Brom away, an exquisite and audacious finish. What a way to say good bye. He was the best and he really deserves this move to the Premier League.

I hope by the end of this year he’s knocking on the door of the England squad. I hope Palace fans are loving watching him play. I hope that he’s still embarrassing lesser players and I hope that in the future he gets another move to a huge club. Good luck to him, go and smash it.

And good luck to Illias Chair the hope of all QPR fans rests and your shoulders now.

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