#QPR KIT TEASE: Three things you might have missed…

After the best summer of English football we’ve had in 55 years, ‘R’ eyes turn to the highly anticipated launch of the new kit before a season of real promise for QPR. 

Often we see the classic combination of blue and white hoops with a red trim adorning QPR shirts. However, we think there will be a departure from the norm this year, and we will couple blue, white and yellow, in a call back to the early 90s.

Here are some things you may have missed in the teaser that will give you an idea of how the kit might look and why we think that the 91/93 kit will serve as inspiration for the kit…

1) The Shadow Print

A new season brings a fresh new look to the social media output from Simon Cheshire, Andy Watkins and the QPR media team. A few weeks ago, the social media team started to roll out the new design and you may have noticed a shadow print effect of the repeated QPR initials repeated in the background of all the posts. 

This shadow print effect is the hallmark of the 91/93 kit with the badge repeated all over the blue and white hoops. 

You can faintly see it in the Millwall fixture announcement below: 

2) Ray Wilkins’ Goal

It’s not an accident that Ray Wilkin’s goal against Sheffield Wednesday on 28th December 1991 was shown in the teaser. The kit he was wearing? The 91/93 kit. Again pointing to this as the inspiration. 

3) The Socks 

The biggest tease in terms of seeing the kit comes from the socks. The flash of yellow as the sock is pulled up reflects the yellow trim on the shoulders of the 91/93 kit which is the last time QPR used yellow as a supplementary colour. 

We think we’ve got our prediction right, but maybe @qprfranny, the manager for QPR retail and chief kit designer, will surprise us all and give us something we’ve never seen before. But we know from looking at last year’s kit, that Franny loves a call back to retro kits. Regardless of what the kit looks like, we’re in for an exciting season.

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Written by George Rawlings

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