Trails of Regeneration

We are proud to present “Trails of Regeneration,” a video series featuring stories of regeneration from around the globe about people who love and care for nature’s ecosystems and human well-being. This series is created, directed and edited for Regeneration International by Oliver Gardiner.

Agroforestry Today Part I: A Brief History of Agroforestry

We hear from agroforestry expert Patrick Worms of the World Agroforestry - ICRAF explains the introduction of modern agriculture technology—think pesticides, synthetic fertilizers + farming equipment—has in many ways brought thousands of years of agricultural evolution using trees to a standstill, he says.

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Agro-Eco Philippines Helps Filipino Farmers Go Organic

In our latest "Trails of Regeneration" episode, we feature Agro-Eco Philippines, an organization that helps build resilient farming communities and sustainable economies by teaching small-scale farmers how to go organic.

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Perspectives from Chad, Africa: COVID-19, Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is an award-winning environmental activist + indigenous woman from the Mbororo pastoralist community in Chad, Africa, which practices nomadic cattle herding. The Mbororo use their nomadic way of life to curb the effects of climate change. As the pastoralists migrate from one place to another, their cattle fertilize the land, helping to regenerate the ecosystem. Ibrahim believes that events such as climate change and COVID-19, are nature’s way of letting us know she is mad because we are mistreating her. In order to heal the planet, we must listen to our wisdom and respect nature, she says.

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Stemple Creek Ranch Survives COVID-19 by Selling Direct to Consumers

Spread of the coronavirus is causing major disruptions in the U.S. food supply chain, as several major meat processing plants have closed their doors and farmers are being forced to dump milk, break eggs and plow under perfectly good produce. With the closing of schools, restaurants and businesses, farmers have had to find new and creative ways to connect their products to consumers. The latest episode in our “Trails of Regeneration” video series features a rancher on the frontline of COVID-19 and his journey in adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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The Golden Ground of Shan

“Farmers here get duped,” Hla Myint said. “First they are promised high productivity, but instead they become sick and fall into debt. We are just a few miles from China, where unregulated chemicals that are very detrimental to farmers’ health are smuggled across the border from China. We have seen cancers, miscarriages and birth defects in children—all believed to have been caused by use of the unregulated chemicals.”

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Regenerating the Philippines

More than 220 municipalities and cities in the Philippines are working to convert 1.2 million hectares of land to organic by the year 2022. The League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities, Cities and Provinces (LOAMCP) is scaling up regenerative agriculture by providing farmers with training on how to go organic.

Khasi Mother Earth

This 98-year-old woman spent three decades fighting to protect her land from uranium mining. Despite being offered tens of millions of dollars to allow uranium to be extracted from her land, Kong Spelity Lyngdoh vowed to protect her tribe, a matrilineal society located in northeast India where women have authority and ownership of the land.

Miraculous Abundance P1: Farm Du Bec Hellouin is Making a Difference

Our latest episode features Farm du Bec Hellouin in Normandy, France, and its mission to farm in a way that protects nature, rather than to destroy it. Using regenerative practices, Charles Hervé-Gruyer and his wife Perrine grow as much food on 1/10 of a hectare of land as their colleagues do on 1 hectare of land. The couple uses the extra land to plant trees, under which animals can be raised, creating a diverse ecosystem that's teeming with life.

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Miraculous Abundance P2: Farm du Bec Hellouin Uses the Power of Nature

What if we could solve the world’s greatest problems (global warming, world hunger, soil degradation, deteriorating public health) all by changing the way we grow food? It’s this concept exactly that inspired Charles Hervé-Gruyer and his wife Perrine to farm with nature, instead of against it, on their bountiful permaculture farm in Normandy, France. They believe that by caring for nature and enriching our soils, we can regenerate all sectors of human life and the life of our planet.

Spirit of Sadhana Part I

Spirit of Sadhana Part 1 features Sadhana Forest and its volunteer-led effort to regenerate degraded lands through indigenous forestry.

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Spirit of Sadhana Part II

Spirit of Sadhana Part II features the transformation of a piece of land that once resembled the surface of the moon into a lush, green forest using indigenous forestry practices.