Biodiversity is Life – Graphic Novel

The Graphic Novel  “Biodiversity is Life” addresses the issue of biodiversity erosion and conservation. The story told in the graphic novel follows a group of young people who, when brought into direct contact with local agricultural ecosystems, learn how biodiversity loss is not a distant problem, but instead has a direct impact on health and food security.

The graphic novel tackles the theme of the erosion of plant genetic diversity and the uniformity of agricultural crops, highlighting how this has contributed to the decrease in the number of cultivated species and the loss of nutrients in the foods we consume. The industrial production model, based on monoculture and standardization, is analyzed as a threat to biodiversity and food sovereignty.

The educational project “Biodiversity is Life” aims to raise awareness among young people about the ecological implications of food production and to promote sustainable agricultural practices. Through visits to organic farms and practical activities, participants become “guardians of biodiversity” and are actively involved in the defense of their native agricultural diversity.

The publication of the graphic novel, illustrated by the cartoonist Federico Zenoni, acts as a reference point for the next phases of the project, which seeks to continue bringing more and more young people out into the fields.

Involving younger generations is considered crucial for promoting a paradigm shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices and for re-establishing the bond between humans and nature, in order to safeguard biodiversity and food sovereignty.