Join the Partner Network

The Regeneration International Partner Network is a community of organizations and businesses that promote regenerative agriculture and land use as a solution to restore climate stability, regenerate environmental health, and create economic and social justice across the globe. RI Network Partners work in a variety of fields. Collectively, they lead the global transition to regenerative agriculture.

Who Can Become an RI Partner?

Any established group whose mission is aligned with RI’s mission can apply to become an RI partner. Partners include NGOs, foundations, educational institutions, businesses, coalitions and informal groups.

RI Partner Benefits

As an RI partner you can:

  • Connect with an international, collaborative network of like-minded organizations working on regenerative agriculture and land use.
  • Expand your own network and promote your organization’s work through the RI and other partner organizations’ global platforms.
  • Attend Regeneration International General Assemblies.
  • List your organization on the partner page of RI’s website.
  • Receive communications on important global and regional events.
  • Participate in Regeneration Alliances organized around the world.
  • Get help translating and distributing your articles and research in multiple languages via the RI network and our translation and content teams.

Ways for Partners to Engage with RI

  • Attend international and regional RI events  
  • Submit original articles for publication on the RI website
  • Communicate directly with other RI partners via email, facebook and Slack
  • Share events to our Network Calendar
  • Translate materials
  • Submit regeneration resources to our website

Apply to Become an RI Network Partner

Fill out this online RI Partner Application Form. RI partnership applications are subject to approval by the RI Steering Committee. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

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